CFS websites offer features to help your funeral home stay connected with the families you have served

Providing aftercare to the families you serve is a critical aspect of engaging with the local community and building your future base of business.  During difficult periods of grief for families, offering support beyond the funeral services can provide great comfort and foster a bond between a family and your funeral home.

CFS understands the importance of aftercare and offers features through your website to effortlessly provide additional support to families.

A Year of Daily Grief Support

Visitors to your website can sign up for daily grief support emails, each of which are provided at no cost.  These emails include an inspirational quote and a message each day, helping to guide readers through the journey of their grief.  These emails are sent through your website and include your firm’s name.  Anyone visiting your website can subscribe to this service, creating engagement with more people in your community who may have been affected by the families you have already served.

CFS has partnered with, a program that automatically sends four cards and a survey to families throughout the first year following the service. A sympathy card is sent two weeks after the services are held, followed by a survey six weeks later. Three cards are then sent on the birthday of the deceased, during the holiday season, and on the first anniversary of the passing. All cards are personalized with your logo and signature, and all cards can be customized with your own custom messages. offers this service at only $20 per family. When you sign up for through a CFS website, the first three families you enroll are free. This program is an excellent way to continue contact and only requires a one-time signup per family.