As we head into 2018, here is the website design forecast expected in the new year.

2017 has been a year of design innovation and evolution. Here at CFS, we developed brand new design bases with these trends in mind. This past year saw the increased popularity of responsive designs. CFS websites have been responsive for the past several years, making your website as beautiful on a computer as it is on a phone or a tablet.

But what can we expect to see in 2018? Below are the top 5 design predictions for the new year.

The Importance of Mobile Design

Every year, the percentage of web traffic generated with mobile phones is growing.  At this current rate, more people will be reaching your website through their cell phone than their computer.  This means that it is more important than ever to have a responsive website.  Your website needs to be as attractive and easy-to-use on a phone as it is on a computer.  Our websites seamlessly transition from desktop to phone, allowing visitors to your website to order flowers and enter pre-arrangement information right from their mobile devices.  This accessibility will be key to connecting with families in your area.

Video Banners

The end of 2017 has seen the rise in popularity of video banners in replacement of photo galleries.  While photo selections are still popular, videos and animations are predicted to become far more popular among corporate websites.  While the funeral industry is not likely to adopt the rising trend of animation popular among design and technology companies, videos are likely to achieve the same effect.  These videos make your website, and your name, more memorable to families.

Brighter Colors

Muted color palettes gained popularity beginning in 2015, but bright contrasting colors are likely to make a comeback in 2018.  More vivid colors can be eye catching for visitors to your website, drawing attention directly to specific bodies of text on your website.  Blue was a trending color last year in website design, but this year could see the rise of reds and pinks as accent colors.  Using bright, contrasting colors as accents has been a consistently popular trend in the past few years.  We can expect it to continue into 2018.

Clean and Bold

Minimalism has been the core of website design trends for the past few years.  Many popular companies redesigned their logos to be flatter, rounded, and brighter than before.  Drop shadows remain popular, but websites across the Internet are becoming more bright and less defined.  Keeping your website clean and simple is also important to appealing to your clients.  Instead, large banners and buttons guiding visitors to what they’re looking for is key.  Large horizontal obituary strips and grids make it easier for families to find their loved one.  Buttons in the header of your home page are also a great way to highlight your services and offerings.  This is a great way to promote pre-planning to visitors on your website.

Larger Fonts

As more people visit your website on their mobile devices, it is more important than ever to choose easy-to-read fonts.  Larger text makes it much easier for visitors to browse your website.  Smaller fonts are quickly becoming unpopular as mobile browsing becomes more dominant.  Dark text on a light background makes it far easier to read text on a webpage, especially on mobile.  Expect to see a decrease in dark gradients and textures that became more popular this year.