More families are beginning the process of funeral planning online.  Is your website ready?

The Internet has brought radical change to every industry.  It is easier than ever for consumers to compare competing firms, make decisions, and begin communication.  While online interaction will never replace the personal touches of the death care industry, it has already changed how funeral planning begins.

It is estimated that more than 75% of funeral planning now begins online, with that percentage expected to grow in the next few years.  It is more important than ever to use your website as a marketing and customer service platform to prospective families.

Have Your Price List Available Online

Comparing prices online is a key factor in a family choosing a funeral home they have not worked with before.  Making your prices available through your website helps families in this decision.  If you do not want your price list available to anyone on your website, having a contact form allowing visitors to request a copy to be emailed to them is also a good alternative.  CFS also allows you to password protect certain pages on your website, allowing you to release your prices only to prospective families.

Publish Testimonials

In addition to comparing prices, reviews from the families you served are very influential in attracting new business.  Positive feedback reassures families when deciding between funeral homes.  Asking families you have already served to submit a testimonial through your website or complete a survey helps to gather statements to publish online.  In addition to offering a testimonial widget on all websites, CFS is also partnered with, a service that sends a survey in addition to personalized greeting cards to the families you have already served.

Outline Your Services Clearly

In this overwhelming time, most families are not prepared for the arrangement process. By explaining the various service packages you offer online, you can help a family begin to imagine what kind of service they would like to hold for their loved one. By focusing on the ceremony first, families can decide what personal details they would like to include. This can help a family select a package that is closest to what they envision for the service. A funeral home with clear, accessible language describing the different funeral services that can be held is more likely to be chosen by a family.

Provide Pre-Planning and At-Need Forms Online

In the changing landscape of the Internet, a growing percentage of visitors to your website would prefer to begin the funeral planning process online and not over the phone.  Providing online fillable forms to begin the process of pre-need or at-need services is an excellent way to claim business with new families.  CFS has fully customizable online forms that can be easily adjusted and placed on your website.  All responses are recorded on the website and can be sent directly to your email.