Facebook is one of the fastest growing ways people reach your funeral home website.

Sharing Obituaries Boosts Your SEO

Sharing obituaries through Facebook connects Facebook directly to your website, a key technique in improving your search engine rankings. When conducting a search, Google and other search engines not only look for keywords, such as “Boston funeral home,” but also look for “backlinks” or other websites with links pointing to your website. By sharing obituaries to a high traffic website such as Facebook, you create a strong backlink to your website. As families continue to share and click on the obituaries on Facebook, your ranking will improve.

Families Connect Through Facebook

Facebook networks among families are becoming the center of life event announcements.  More frequently than ever, news is shared between families on Facebook first.  News of engagements, graduations, marriages, births, and now deaths are brought to Facebook.  The obituary can be shared digitally before waiting for newspaper announcements to be circulated through the community.

When a death is announced by sharing an obituary on Facebook, that announcement becomes synonymous with your funeral home.  People will come to your website first, giving them access to your name and information provided by your firm.  This can be an excellent way to gain new connections with people in the same community.

The Demographics of Facebook are Changing

The United States provides the highest number of Facebook users when compared to other countries. The majority of Facebook users are adults over the age of 35 with a nearly 50/50 split between male and female profiles. The most interesting statistic is the rapidly rising number of users over the age of 55. It is approximated that 65% of people between the ages of 50 and 64 use social media, with 49% of people over the age of 65 using social media as well.

We found that obituary browsers are generally above the age of 55 in our own private study. Sharing listings on your funeral home’s page regularly draws consistent traffic from these browsers and can introduce them to your pre-need offerings.

Facebook is the Biggest Social Networking Site

In a survey conducted by CFS in May and June of 2017, we found that the majority of indirect traffic to funeral home websites came from Facebook, exceeding Google and other search engines.

The number of active users on Facebook far exceeds any other social networking site. Facebook was the first social media site to ever hit over 1 billion active users in 2012, and that number has continued to grow. As of September 2017, Facebook was seeing an average of 2.061 billion active users with a continuing trend of growth.

Facebook Can Build Engagement with Your Community

Traditional marketing tactics do not always apply to the funeral industry.  Many funeral homes are not currently using Facebook, yet it can be an excellent way to build connections with your community.  By sharing information and opening discussions with potential clients online, you become more visible among families.