The microblogging website may have more marketing potential than you think.

On the surface, Twitter appears to not align with funeral home networking.  Most people do not use Twitter to make personal announcements among their friends and family.  Instead, Twitter is generalized as a flurry of abrupt posts created and shared by young people.  But with over 328 million active users, Twitter has more potential for the funeral industry than you would expect.

Companies use Twitter to engage in personal dialogue with current and prospective customers.  As a business grows a larger presence, people may begin to tweet questions or comments.  It’s a space of creating discussions, making the business more personable to them.  A client knows that if they have a question, they can reach out directly to a company and have it answered.

So how does this then connect to the funeral industry?  While some funeral homes do choose to share obituary postings on Twitter, the platform is best suited to general information sharing.  If you run a blog, Twitter can be a great way to draw more traffic to your blog by tweeting a link.  You can also use Twitter to share articles among your network and adding your own opinion on the piece.

The most important thing you can do on Twitter is engage with others.  Encourage people to ask questions to you directly and publicly tweet your answers.  This shows visitors to your profile that your business is personable and approachable.  Twitter can go above and beyond a customer service platform as you share interesting information with your followers, such as articles or websites you find interesting, but as a place where people can be comfortable approaching you and your funeral home through the comfort and privacy of social media.

55% of Twitter users are over the age of 35.  As the next generation will need to choose their family funeral home, using social media will be a key requirement for attracting new business.