CFS provides easier, safer crowdfunding directly to your website.

Crowdfunding has become a very popular option for families seeking assistance with raising funds to cover funeral expenses. The most popular crowdfunding platform is GoFundMe, which sees the most fundraisers specifically for funerals. A search for the term “funeral” yields at least 500,000 individual private campaigns. As of October 2016, over $340 million was raised for funeral expenses through GoFundMe.

Where other crowdfunding websites fail is guaranteeing that the money raised goes directly to the cause.  Although these websites can collect funds from donors, they cannot verify that the person who has created the campaign will give this money to the funeral home or the family.  Further, there is an issue of cost. Other platforms take a percentage for each donation while charging processing fees and other hidden charges. These websites often charge between 8-10% of each donation, some adding a flat fee in addition to the percentage.

CFS offers a solution to the issue of funeral crowdfunding with Funeral Fund, a funding platform built right into each obituary hosted on one of our websites.  Theses funds are sent directly to the bank account of your funeral home, meaning that all money raised is guaranteed to go directly to covering funeral expenses.  You can then retain the funds for the services or give excess money raised directly to the family, ensuring that the donations are placed into the correct hands. Unlike other crowdfunding websites, we only take one flat percentage of 5% off of the total amount raised.  From this percentage, CFS covers all credit card and wire transfer fees. We offer this service to all of our clients at zero cost to you.