When trying to separate yourself from your competitors, it’s important to make your website unique and memorable.

With more people beginning the process of funeral planning online, it’s vital that your funeral home’s website stands out in your community.  Your web presence is critical to standing out as prospective families choose their funeral home, especially in comparison to your competitors.

Statement Colors

Using a distinct and memorable accent color makes a larger impression on visitors to your website. Currently trending website designs use these statement colors as a way to make each site unique and distinct. Especially in the funeral industry, these bold colors are generally uncommon.

Affordable Cremations and Burial uses a bright shade of green as their accent color, making their website stand out among others. Visitors to the site will remember the unique color and thus make a greater impression on prospective clients. When choosing a color palette for your website, make sure to choose something different than your competitors to make your website pop.

Staff Photos

The foundation of funeral service is the personal touch funeral professionals bring to the arrangement process. Given the personal nature of the industry, it’s important to humanize your business on your website. Providing staff photos and bios helps visitors to your website get to know you and your business. Being able to associate names with faces during the initial contact with a funeral home is an excellent way for a new family to connect with your staff.

Chandler Funeral Home & Cremation Service provides photos not only of their staff, but of the Chandler family themselves. The contact information for each staff member is also clearly listed below their name and biography, making contact with each person simple for a visitor to the website.

Facility Photos & Virtual Tour

Allowing prospective families to tour your funeral home from the comfort and privacy of their own home is an excellent way to begin to welcome them into your service.

Kessler & Maguire Funeral Home has a large image collection of professional quality photos of their funeral home. Not only does this showcase their facilities, but it also leaves a positive impression with a prospective visitor to their website. Their funeral home is clean, bright, and spacious.

David-Donehower Funeral & Cremation Service takes advantage of new technology by providing a virtual tour of their funeral home, allowing website visitors to navigate through the funeral home with 360° photos. This gives an excellent way to become familiar with their facility. Families can walk through the funeral home online in the comfort of their own home, easing them into the funeral planning process.

Bold Photo Collections

The images on your homepage banner is often the first impression of your website and your funeral home. These photos can often set a tone for your website, focusing either on beautiful landscapes or families coming together. Think of these photos as a part of your brand. A rolling wheat field can be an excellent choice for a rural funeral home, while photos of your town or city reflect your place in the community.

Regardless of what you choose, it’s important that these photos are bold and memorable. Cremation Center of Chicago uses brilliantly vivid images of Chicago as their photo collection on their main page.  This connects the images of Chicago with both the name of the firm as well as its integration in the city.  It’s an great way to make a memorable impression.

Your Own Logo

Just like the photo collection, your logo provides an important impression to the community. Your logo should not only be unique but also relate to the image you want for your firm. It can be sleek and modern, or more classic and traditional. Incorporating a specific image will help your brand stick in the minds of prospective families.

The Wilson Funeral Homes have a distinctive and memorable logo, establishing an image across their four locations. It incorporates an image as well as a professional and polished tone.

Emphasis on Important Information

When a family visits your website, they are typically searching for specific information. Most people will be searching for obituaries, your phone number, or information on pre-planning. It is vital to make information easy to find on your website. Sites with cluttered menus and massive paragraphs of texts can make this information inaccessible.

Yates Memorial Services emphasizes these three main points: obituaries, pre-planning, and their contact information. The first banner image and information brings people to their pre-plan information page. The obituaries are clearly visible and stand out against the light background of their website. The bright orange “CONTACT” button brings visitors straight to a contact page where they can find emails and phone numbers.

An Online Showroom

Entering a selection room for the first time can be intimidating. Many people are unfamiliar with the funeral planning process, and a recent loss has made this introduction overwhelming. Having a preview of your offerings online allows families to begin to make these decisions whenever and wherever they are comfortable. From caskets to memorial jewelry, merchandise should be showcased on your website. Providing photos of your offerings makes the planning phase much easier for the families you serve.

McFarland Barbee Family Funeral Home lists caskets, urns, and keepsakes on their website. They also include information explaining the various products available and their use, making it easier to understand what a family should be looking for.

A Unique Motto

Creating a motto for your funeral home builds what your business offers to the families you serve that makes you unique. What is it that your funeral home provides that others do not? Try to capture what you want prospective clients to know about your services.

Bills-McGaugh Funeral Home & Crematory has a clear and simple motto that is the first thing people see when they visit their website: “Your loved one never leaves our care.”