As we celebrate our 10th birthday, we look back on how CFS became the #1 provider of funeral home websites.

Consolidated Funeral Services was founded in 2008 by Felix Tsatskis and Peter Richardson, two software executives with years of experience providing IBM enterprise-class software to large companies across the globe.

The core of CFS was creating websites for funeral homes with one key idea: offering flowers through obituaries. No other provider had offered this feature before CFS introduced it with our first website. Instead of charging for websites, our co-founders knew that they could easily fund the maintenance of websites just through commission on flower sales. From its founding to today, CFS has never sent a bill to a funeral home.

In 2009, CFS became the official technology partner of The Dodge Company. This was the first of many partnerships with major funeral service providers and a key to our early success. CFS was now able to connect with funeral homes through their Dodge representative, introducing us to some of our first clients that still work with us today.

The very first CFS website went live in November of 2008. About a year later, we had created and launched our first 100. We saw continuous and steady growth for the first few years of our business, thanks to updates from design and development combined with our sales and operations team reaching out to funeral homes.

Our websites saw a major change in 2014 when we launched our responsive model. These new websites not only rescaled and adjusted for every device size, but also introduced the drag-and-drop editing system across our sites. This made website changes far easier and accessible. This model also became the foundation for integrations with Tukios videos and answering services ASD and FuneralCall straight through every site.

Our Original Company Websites

The next three years saw a major focus on our design offerings and website features. We designed integration between our websites and multiple management software providers. CFS has centered on partnerships, allowing us to focus exclusively on improving our websites while offering a better platform to our funeral homes.

Some of our newest features include crowdfunding directly run by your website, our brand new obituary platform, and the online payment center. From our humble beginnings, CFS has seen rapid growth in recent years. We now serve over 4,400 funeral homes across the United States and Canada. We are also partnered with over 3,300 active florists to provide families with easy online ordering.

We here at CFS would like to thank everyone who has worked with us. We are very proud of our websites and strive to keep offering our funeral homes the best platform we can. With some exciting new features currently being developed, CFS continues to be the #1 provider with the highest quality websites for no charge. We feel very fortunate to have partnered with so many excellent funeral service providers. We look forward to the next 10 years of serving our funeral homes.