Will this growing trend have a long-lasting impact on the industry?

Dogs have always been celebrated as beloved companions.  The growing popularity of pets, specifically cats and dogs, has had a growing impact on the funeral industry.  Consumers are spending far more on their pets than ever before, from dog-walking services to merchandise.  This has especially impacted the pet services industry, with far more families choosing to have their pets cremated or buried than ever.

More people view their pets as a family member, making funeral services more important for the grieving process.  From 2007 to 2017, the number of households with dogs increased by 20 million.  The funeral industry has responded to this rising trend in two ways: providing pet funeral services and using therapy dogs in their funeral homes.

Personalization is becoming a much more popular element in funeral arrangements.  It can easily be brought into the arranging process with the addition of a therapy dog.  Research has shown the positive health and emotional effects of animal companionship.  These dogs can provide comfort and support for adults and children alike, helping them through planning and the services themselves.  This article from Alliance of Therapy Dogs provides commentary on the wonderful benefits of therapy dogs in funeral homes.  Therapy dogs are often credited with their ability to sense the emotions of humans, as discussed in the article.  This makes a big difference during a funeral service, as a therapy dog can seek out whoever needs emotional support.  Petting dogs is reported to release dopamine and serotonin, reward hormones associated with comfort and better moods.  In a difficult time of loss, therapy dogs can make a positive impact on the grieving process.  Providing this service from your families is sure to make a lasting impression on the families in your local community.

Armes-Hunt Funeral Home & Cremation Services have a therapy dog, Judd, who has his own Facebook page with a dedicated following.  It’s an excellent idea for community outreach and building relationships.