These applications make your everyday routines easier.

In 2009, Apple started marketing the iPhone 3G with the slogan, “There’s an app for that.” With the overwhelming variety of applications available to download, there really is an app for everything. We’ve compiled a list of ten apps that will make organizing your funeral directing duties a lot easier.

  1. Facebook
    Facebook is the #1 social media website and a critical resource for connecting with your local community.  With more users over 65 than ever, Facebook is a great way to connect with families and foster future business.  Having the app on your phone makes keeping track of page likes and local news much easier.
  2. Facebook Page Manager
    If you have a Facebook page for your funeral home, this app is perfect for tracking activity.  Most importantly, it will allow you to reply to messages sent to your page. If a prospective family has reached out to you over Facebook, you will immediately receive a notification on your phone.  Make sure you never miss a comment or a message with this app!
  3. Google Assistant
    Google Assistant is a virtual assistant who can set reminders, make appointments, return texts and calls, and many other tasks on your phone or tablet.  While the Assistant is included on every Google phone, the app is available for iPhone and Android. Many users online prefer the Google Assistant to Siri, since it can connect to far more devices and give you better search results.
  4. DocuSign
    Sign documents right from your phone!  The DocuSign app allows you to import documents from email, Google Drive, Evernote, and many other sources to allow you to sign documents and fill out forms.  It can be emailed straight from the app, making it very easy to pass along documentation. Further, you can request signatures from other people through the app itself, allowing you to send documents right to families for easy signatures.
  5. eFax
    If you use eFax, this app allows you to receive, edit, and send faxes right from your phone or tablet.  You can upload files from Google Drive or Dropbox on your device and fax them to any number, or take photos of documents with your device and fax them.  You can also create custom cover pages to accompany your faxes.
  6. ASD Mobile
    If ASD is your answering service, make sure you have the ASD Mobile app on your device.  This award-winning app makes receiving calls and messages extremely easy, allowing the user to keep track of all incoming and current cases.  Be sure to take a look at the demo on ASD’s website and learn more about this program.
  7. Evernote
    Evernote syncs documents and files across all of your devices, allowing you to share anything with other users.  Users can easily create lists and handwritten notes that can be easily sent and edited by others, making it far easier to distribute tasks and track their progress.
  8. Google Drive
    Like Evernote, Google Drive is a great way to share documents and files between users.  The app allows you to access all files in your account from any device with real-time updates.  If you make changes on one device, it will be updated in the Drive. Google Drive is a great way to send and receive documents and photos with families, easily communicating between Google accounts.
  9. JotNot Scanner
    JotNot is a handy scanner that can turn documents to PDF files right from your phone or tablet.  It’s available on both iPhone and Android. This app is said to be the most reliable mobile scanner, creating high resolution images of every document.
  10. MileIQ
    MileIQ allows you to easily track your miles when working.  It can separate personal and work drives, creating a record of distance travelled and the expense of every drive.  The app is designed to be simple to use.  Simply swipe to begin tracking.