Would you ever want to explore the stars?  Elysium Space can help.

On February 6, Elon Musk made international headlines by launching his Tesla car into space. Over 2.3 million people watched the event live, making it the second most watched live event on YouTube. It’s surpassed by the Red Bull Stratos jump, where a skydiver dove from space back into the atmosphere. From the moon landing onward, the world has been fascinated by exploration of space. For those that truly love the idea of discovering the cosmos, a company in San Francisco has a fascinating funeral service available.

Elysium Space launches portions of cremains into space and allows families to track their location through the stars. Services range from orbiting the Earth to traveling all the way to the moon. As personalization has become far more popular in recent years, this truly unique service reimagines the future of funeral service.

Will this be a more common service in the future? While it is certainly hard to predict what current trends will have a lasting impact, public fascination with space has not reduced in recent years. SpaceX and other private companies have begun to invest more resources in space exploration technology. With more frequent launches, Elysium Space continues to take reservations for the next launch in 2019, sending cremains on upcoming SpaceX launches.

While space burial is likely to become more popular in the future, it is likely a long way away from becoming a standard service.