Reddit just passed Facebook in website traffic.  What does that mean for the funeral industry?

Facebook has become the center of funeral home marketing on social media. While other platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest have also been utilized by some funeral homes, Facebook has always been the leading choice to connect with families in the local area. The platform favors the industry due to its now central role in information sharing. When a significant event happens, families choose Facebook to begin spreading the news. This is especially important when sharing obituaries and information regarding a loss.

This past week, internet traffic data revealed that Reddit surpassed Facebook in activity, making it the third most-visited website following Google and YouTube. Facebook now slides into fourth place with Amazon in fifth. Given that this makes Reddit a more popular social media website, does this mean that your funeral home should attempt to market on the website? Not at all.

Reddit is an entirely different platform to Facebook. While Facebook is centered around the people you know, such as your family and local funeral home, Reddit is geared towards a wide variety of people discussing specific topics or current events. The platform is divided into smaller “subReddits,” or individual websites dedicated to a certain topic. For example, the subReddit “DIY” connects people working on “Do-It-Yourself” projects. Users will share progress on their projects and share advice with others.

Reddit is a great way from people around the world to come together to discuss and share their interests, but it isn’t a direct competitor with Facebook in terms of purpose. Facebook is centered around community, making it far more ideal for outreach efforts. While many online analysts feel that the changing demographics of Facebook may be a problem, the increasing average age of a user makes it far more valuable as a method to introduce your business to your community. While Reddit has passed Facebook, both websites continue to grow and succeed in their respective fields.