Have you ever had a funeral go this wrong?  Fifteen users on Reddit share their wildest stories.

Funerals are a time to come together and celebrate a life well lived. Sometimes, things may not go to plan. With an entire extended family gathering together to remember their loved one, services can take a different turn.  These unexpected moments can be stressful in the moment, but can also provide some levity in a difficult time.  Funeral service providers work tirelessly to ensure that services proceed smoothly, but you can’t always plan for what may unfold!  Here are some of the craziest stories shared by users on the forum AskReddit. Some answers have been edited for clarity and length.

1 . “When the funeral procession showed up at the cemetery, there was a cow in my uncle’s grave. We had to wait for them to remove it with a backhoe.” — Sandor17

2.  “My great aunt died at my grandfather’s funeral. She had a heart attack in front of his casket.” — MoonHuntress

3.  “I was working a funeral and burial service in Vermont and the next of kin decided to have doves released at the burial site. When they were released, a hawk flew out of nowhere and destroyed one of the doves.” — Cready802

4.  “My uncle tried to fight the priest for giving him a hug.”  — anonymous

5.  ““I was at a funeral for a work colleague and her three brothers got into a fistfight during the eulogy.” — ask_me_if_Im_lying

6.  “The grandfather of my significant other died and all ten kids were at the service. He had gotten cremated but the kids decided they wanted to inter the urn someplace meaningful. They dug a hole and one brother decided to lower the urn as far down into the hole as he could, since dropping it seemed too undignified. However, he lowered it too far, because he fell headfirst in the hole.” — hillalilla

7.  “At the funeral, my cousin accidentally knocked over and dropped the baby casket four feet above the ground. I can still remember the gasps.” — SecretChristian

8.  “My uncle stopped me when I was walking down the aisle at my grandmother’s funeral so he could ask me to come by and fix his computer.” — singlewall

9.  “My grandma tried to jump into the casket with my grandpa while screaming to take her with him.” — Tsukasasoul

10.  “At my friend’s uncle’s funeral, the pastor asked if anyone would like to say a few words. Some woman no one knew got up. She starts talking about how nice of a man my friends uncle was, and how she enjoyed working for him (she was his cleaning lady). Then she starts breaking down and saying how they were planning on eloping and she loved him. His wife was stunned.” — thesublieutenant

11.  “My little cousin spit her gum out on the corpse and her mom proceeded to laugh, then smacked her on the back of the head.” — Catspace32

12.  “It was a Saturday morning in a large Catholic church with multiple weddings and funerals on the weekend. The funeral attendees turned around and looked up to the organ loft with confusion when the organist, by mistake, played “Here Comes the Bride” instead of the funeral procession.” — Back2Bach

13.  “During my grandfather’s funeral, as we were all walking past the (open) casket the last time, my aunt took his watch off his wrist. Her logic was that she bought it for him and now wanted it back.” — Beleynn

14.  “A guy and his brother got in a fistfight over their inheritance at their dad’s funeral.” — lynnfer

15.  “A rich client of my lawyer friend wanted his ashes sprinkled over Sydney Harbour. He’d spent months trying to get official permission without success. He decided to catch the Manly ferry and tipped the contents of the urn into the harbour. The wind caught the ashes and blew them all over the passengers on the top deck.” — Damocles2010