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Feature Spotlight: An Unlimited Platform

CFS websites are fully customizable and dynamic, from color scheme to site structure. Most website companies work with templates, “plug-and-post” platforms that are static and inflexible.  If you happen to use the same template as another funeral home, the only difference between your websites is your funeral [...]

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8 Ways to Make Your Website Stand Out

When trying to separate yourself from your competitors, it’s important to make your website unique and memorable. With more people beginning the process of funeral planning online, it’s vital that your funeral home’s website stands out in your community.  Your web presence is critical to standing out [...]

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Feature Spotlight: Funeral Fund

CFS provides easier, safer crowdfunding directly to your website. Crowdfunding has become a very popular option for families seeking assistance with raising funds to cover funeral expenses. The most popular crowdfunding platform is GoFundMe, which sees the most fundraisers specifically for funerals. A search for the term [...]

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Why You Should Post Facility Photos

Welcome visitors to your funeral home with a virtual tour of your facilities. For many members of the public, the funeral industry is an enigma. They do not know what happens “behind closed doors” in their local funeral home and let wild speculation take flight. People [...]

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Famous Funerals: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The sudden assassination of the civil rights leader broke the hearts of millions fighting for equal rights. As Black History Month draws to a close, the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. echoes through the hearts and minds of the American people. Dr. King was [...]

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Should Funeral Homes Use Twitter?

The microblogging website may have more marketing potential than you think. On the surface, Twitter appears to not align with funeral home networking.  Most people do not use Twitter to make personal announcements among their friends and family.  Instead, Twitter is generalized as a flurry of abrupt [...]

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5 Key Reasons to Always Post Obituaries on Facebook

Facebook is one of the fastest growing ways people reach your funeral home website. Sharing Obituaries Boosts Your SEO Sharing obituaries through Facebook connects Facebook directly to your website, a key technique in improving your search engine rankings. When conducting a search, Google and other [...]

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Announcing support for online payments at your website

Our new online payment center allows you the option of offering families a way to pay their bills at your website. Why offer online payments? Consumers are increasingly conducting business online. The wide product selection and fast fulfillment offered by online retailers are capturing a growing percentage [...]

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Famous Funerals: Abraham Lincoln

The funeral of 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln changed the standard funerary practices of the entire nation. The funeral of President Abraham Lincoln was a three-week event that invited the entirety of the United States to mourn and grieve together. This public funeral spanned seven states, [...]

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