Feature Spotlight: An Unlimited Platform

CFS websites are fully customizable and dynamic, from color scheme to site structure. Most website companies work with templates, “plug-and-post” platforms that are static and inflexible.  If you happen to use the same template as another funeral home, the only difference between your websites is your funeral [...]

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Feature Spotlight: Funeral Fund

CFS provides easier, safer crowdfunding directly to your website. Crowdfunding has become a very popular option for families seeking assistance with raising funds to cover funeral expenses. The most popular crowdfunding platform is GoFundMe, which sees the most fundraisers specifically for funerals. A search for the term [...]

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Announcing support for online payments at your website

Our new online payment center allows you the option of offering families a way to pay their bills at your website. Why offer online payments? Consumers are increasingly conducting business online. The wide product selection and fast fulfillment offered by online retailers are capturing a growing percentage [...]

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Announcing our new obituary system

Starting with our very first client back in 2008, we have always structured our business model as a partnership with each funeral home client.  We only generate revenue when people find and use your CFS website   This motivates us to do all that we can to help you stand out in a competitive online [...]

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Feature Spotlight: Aftercare With Your CFS Site

CFS websites offer features to help your funeral home stay connected with the families you have served Providing aftercare to the families you serve is a critical aspect of engaging with the local community and building your future base of business.  During difficult periods of grief for families, offering support beyond the [...]

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