15 of the Craziest Funeral Stories from Reddit

Have you ever had a funeral go this wrong?  Fifteen users on Reddit share their wildest stories. Funerals are a time to come together and celebrate a life well lived. Sometimes, things may not go to plan. With an entire extended family gathering together to remember [...]

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Robot Funerals? Japan Leads the Way

Funerals for robots?  By robots? It’s happening today in Japan. Modern technology has made its mark on the funeral industry. Memorial videos and live streaming have become commonplace in funeral homes across the country, with more using media to enhance funeral services than ever. Websites also [...]

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Funeral Services are a Natural Instinct

Humans aren't the only species to hold services for their loved ones Funeral rituals are classified as a cultural universal, a phenomenon in sociology that records particular practices developing in every human society independently. Other examples include religion, dancing, singing, and marriage. All cultures have ceremonies [...]

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This Company is Sending Cremains to Space

Would you ever want to explore the stars?  Elysium Space can help. On February 6, Elon Musk made international headlines by launching his Tesla car into space. Over 2.3 million people watched the event live, making it the second most watched live event on YouTube. It’s [...]

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Famous Funerals: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The sudden assassination of the civil rights leader broke the hearts of millions fighting for equal rights. As Black History Month draws to a close, the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. echoes through the hearts and minds of the American people. Dr. King was [...]

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Famous Funerals: Abraham Lincoln

The funeral of 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln changed the standard funerary practices of the entire nation. The funeral of President Abraham Lincoln was a three-week event that invited the entirety of the United States to mourn and grieve together. This public funeral spanned seven states, [...]

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