Reddit Surpasses Facebook – Here’s What That Means

Reddit just passed Facebook in website traffic.  What does that mean for the funeral industry? Facebook has become the center of funeral home marketing on social media. While other platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest have also been utilized by some funeral homes, Facebook has always [...]

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CFS Supports Secure (HTTPS) Websites

When it comes to serving your families, confidentiality is key.  CFS has you covered. Your website is an extension of your business, providing important services to the families you serve.  From viewing an obituary to filling out a pre-planning form online, your website serves your community [...]

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10 Must-Have Apps for Funeral Directors

These applications make your everyday routines easier. In 2009, Apple started marketing the iPhone 3G with the slogan, “There’s an app for that.” With the overwhelming variety of applications available to download, there really is an app for everything. We’ve compiled a list of ten apps [...]

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8 Ways to Make Your Website Stand Out

When trying to separate yourself from your competitors, it’s important to make your website unique and memorable. With more people beginning the process of funeral planning online, it’s vital that your funeral home’s website stands out in your community.  Your web presence is critical to standing out [...]

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Should Funeral Homes Use Twitter?

The microblogging website may have more marketing potential than you think. On the surface, Twitter appears to not align with funeral home networking.  Most people do not use Twitter to make personal announcements among their friends and family.  Instead, Twitter is generalized as a flurry of abrupt [...]

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5 Key Reasons to Always Post Obituaries on Facebook

Facebook is one of the fastest growing ways people reach your funeral home website. Sharing Obituaries Boosts Your SEO Sharing obituaries through Facebook connects Facebook directly to your website, a key technique in improving your search engine rankings. When conducting a search, Google and other [...]

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