Is it Time to Redesign Your Website?

Is your website in need of an update?  CFS is always happy to redesign your platform. Although funeral directors are busy all year long, the summer season can allow for some much-needed time to tackle long-term projects. Maintenance and remodeling of a funeral home may come [...]

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Reddit Surpasses Facebook – Here’s What That Means

Reddit just passed Facebook in website traffic.  What does that mean for the funeral industry? Facebook has become the center of funeral home marketing on social media. While other platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest have also been utilized by some funeral homes, Facebook has always [...]

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Funeral Therapy Dogs: Here to Stay?

Will this growing trend have a long-lasting impact on the industry? Dogs have always been celebrated as beloved companions.  The growing popularity of pets, specifically cats and dogs, has had a growing impact on the funeral industry.  Consumers are spending far more on their pets than [...]

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8 Ways to Make Your Website Stand Out

When trying to separate yourself from your competitors, it’s important to make your website unique and memorable. With more people beginning the process of funeral planning online, it’s vital that your funeral home’s website stands out in your community.  Your web presence is critical to standing out [...]

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Why You Should Post Facility Photos

Welcome visitors to your funeral home with a virtual tour of your facilities. For many members of the public, the funeral industry is an enigma. They do not know what happens “behind closed doors” in their local funeral home and let wild speculation take flight. People [...]

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5 Key Reasons to Always Post Obituaries on Facebook

Facebook is one of the fastest growing ways people reach your funeral home website. Sharing Obituaries Boosts Your SEO Sharing obituaries through Facebook connects Facebook directly to your website, a key technique in improving your search engine rankings. When conducting a search, Google and other [...]

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Funeral Planning Begins Online: 4 Ways to Prepare

More families are beginning the process of funeral planning online.  Is your website ready? The Internet has brought radical change to every industry.  It is easier than ever for consumers to compare competing firms, make decisions, and begin communication.  While online interaction will never replace the [...]

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5 Website Design Trends to Expect in 2018

As we head into 2018, here is the website design forecast expected in the new year. 2017 has been a year of design innovation and evolution. Here at CFS, we developed brand new design bases with these trends in mind. This past year saw the increased popularity of responsive designs. CFS websites have [...]

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