Upcoming Feature Announcements


Be one of the first funeral homes to try our tribute video platform when it launches. As a thank-you to our clients, all tribute videos can be generated for free in 2022. Get development updates by entering your information below.

Simple & Powerful Tribute Video Technology

Families Share Files Directly to You

Families can select photos and videos directly on their mobile device and send them directly to you with a mobile app.  The application will be available for both iOS and Android devices, giving your clients an effortless way to share files without scanning or dropping off files in person.  With so many families already comfortable using smart devices to store and share memories, the application will make exchanging files smooth and effortless.

Fully Connected Software

Photos and videos shared by clients are imported directly into your software, ready to be edited into a beautiful custom tribute video.  Individual files can be pushed directly to the obituary gallery, all from the same platform.

Multiple Sharing Options

Our software offers multiple ways to share tribute videos once they are generated.  In addition to traditional DVDs, you can export videos to a USB drive, the smart phone app, and directly in the obituary.

Why are we doing this?

Tukios has always been our tribute video provider of choice and we have no plans to remove support for the service.  However, Tukios was acquired by in 2019 and is on a mission to acquire your obituary data.  We want to ensure that you have another option, should you decide to opt out of sending your data to’s platform.

Once available, you have no obligation to use this service.  As always, you are welcome to use whatever tribute video solution you prefer.  We just want to ensure that you remain free to select the platform that you feel is the best for your business.